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2009-01-11 07:53:32 by Airpulse

Guess what? I burned a CD of songs we want on here, so they should be up in about 1-2 days. At a different PC right now. :D

We're screwed.

2009-01-05 20:28:50 by Airpulse

Kyle's PC can't handle emailing songs. STUPID FUCKING MACS. So no new songs forever. Kbye. Have fun without us!


2008-12-20 17:08:20 by Airpulse

Kyle's Mac still won't upload. Yay. Our songs are .aifs, so we need to fix that.


2008-12-15 11:40:08 by Airpulse

I haven't posted in a while and I'm bored, so HI. *Teehee*.


2008-11-11 19:49:04 by Airpulse

Kyle's Mac sucks. It won't let him email ANYTHING (or download or upload anything for that matter).

So DO NOT expect Dancing until he gets a new computer, or is able to upload/email.



2008-11-01 17:30:18 by Airpulse

Wow, the remix is up...YAY!! 8D /183995


2 things...

2008-11-01 17:17:51 by Airpulse


1.- Kyle's email is being a butt face and not emailing me Dancing. ARGH!!!

2.- I'm about to upload a remix of Matthew Dear's song "Don and Sherri." It's WAY better than "All I Need," which sucked.


__ Chris


2008-10-12 17:16:55 by Airpulse

Kyle's email was broken, so now Dancing is coming faster than you think! Probably this week!


2008-08-29 22:53:31 by Airpulse

Dancing. Airpulse's best song ever! Kyle made it all by himself (what an amazing 8 year old)! Don't assume it's bad just because the mkaer is 8!!! He's quite talented & amazing. Ok yeah. Bye.


2008-08-27 07:43:43 by Airpulse

I'm canceling the Photo of the Week thing. I'd rather not be doing this. And I'm running out of photos!